We are often asked at the merch table post show “do you have an album that sounds exactly like what I just heard?” Well now we do!
‘Unplugged’ features ten tracks, seven previously unrecorded songs including previews to our full studio album coming out in 2019.
Exclusively available at live shows and from our label White Fall Records. You can pre-order a signed copy today. Orders will be shipped on release date, 13th April 2018.


  1. While Rovin On A Winter's Night Smith & McClennan 0:26
  2. The Sweetest Girl Smith & McClennan 0:28
  3. MacKenzie and His Dog Smith & McClennan 0:26
  4. Bricks and Mortar Smith & McClennan 0:29
  5. Firefly Smith & McClennan 0:29
  6. American Stranger Smith & McClennan 0:29
  7. Annabel Smith & McClennan 0:36
  8. Rere's Hill Smith & McClennan 0:35
  9. The Dying Tramper 0:36
  10. John O' Dreams Smith & McClennan 0:38


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